Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a form of repayment or debt consolidation where a person can repay some of their debt, while discharging other debt. 

What will Chapter 13 do for me?

  • Chapter 13 stops repossession of your automobile and can allow you to adjust the terms of payment so that you can get back on track with your payments. 
  • Chapter 13 can stop foreclosure and allow you to keep your home if you fell behind on payments.  
  • Chapter 13 can help you reinstate your suspended driver’s license.  
  • Stop creditor harassment and collections. 
  • Lower your tax liability
  • Help you pay back your creditors at a fixed rate based on what you can afford.  

When you file a Chapter 13 your assets are protected, and they are not subject to liquidation by the bankruptcy trustee.  

Filing a Chapter 13 will automatically stay any collection activity against you and allow you to get a fresh start.  

Contact Mr. Olstein today and we can determine if you qualify for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, and provide fast and affordable legal advice so that you can protect your most important assets.